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The products have detailed descriptions, images, and installation instructions if you scroll down – be sure to read this before purchasing any product. Some fireplace doors have built-in locks to secure them. If you have this type of door, check the locks to ensure that they’re functional and that your child cannot open them.

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  • Here are our tips for making the meal easy to pull off at home.
  • It is translucent and can be gripped easily by an adult.
  • Finding baby-proofing items that won’t ruin the aesthetic of your home shouldn’t have to be.
  • They’re also easy for adults to use by placing your thumb and index finger through the holes in the cover, gripping the knob, and turning to open the door.
  • Our high-barrier films keep odors from exiting the bag and prevent moisture from entering.

But even the most behaved child can have a way of getting into many areas baby rocker and places that they simply do not belong, and as a result, injury or accidents can occur instantly. More and more baby and child accidents are being reported every year, and sometimes the results are tragic. It only takes a second for a mom to turn her back for accident or tragedy to occur, and this is why baby and child proofing business is such a booming business today. If you are considering starting a business, you may want to start a baby and child proof business, and you will be surprised to learn just how easy and affordable it can be. Avoiding choking hazards is one of the main concerns for parents in child proofing their home. As important as it is to baby proof your home, you’ll still need to keep a close eye on your little one.

General Safety And Child Proofing Living Areas

If you have a fireplace, I strongly suggest getting a carbon monoxide detector. They’re inexpensive, and the small cost is nothing to ensure that you have no incidents with carbon monoxide. Make sure to check and clear your fireplace vents regularly.

Kitchen Habits To Keep Your Child Safe

Apple’s parental controls are generally an all-or-nothing type of setting. So if you restrict access to the Safari browser or YouTube, your daughter won’t be able to access those things at all. But as she gets older, you may want to allow her more freedom. Parents may want to enable more functionality, but they still want to ensure their children aren’t accessing inappropriate content or apps. I think you are absolutely right that a 10-year-old doesn’t need instant access to the Internet at all times on her iPod Touch. But as you allude to in your question, it’s getting harder for parents to find gadgets for their kids that aren’t connected to the Internet.

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Babyproofing Your House: A Checklist For Every Room

And perhaps a separate storage unit is worth the investment. Just when you get used to your baby’s feeding schedule and diaper changes, you realize you need to accommodate his or her ever-changing routine. As your baby grows older, take some precautions to make your apartment safe and secure for crawlers and toddlers. Here is how you can baby-proof your apartment as your growing baby explores the world around him or her. Finally, don’t forget that baby proofing can provide peace of mind, but nothing should replace adult supervision.

They are also easy for you to unlatch, so this is a great option if you need a strong hold against baby’s attempts to open cabinets AND something that’s easy for you to open. That’s a pro for me, but I could see how it’s a con for some. In addition to these, we have a bunch of anti-baby-danger solutions that are easy to use and super safe for babies-no matter how wild your little tyke may be. These include the sliding socket blocker; a power outlet cover which has a spring-loaded protector that’s easy for adults to bypass, but not so easy for baby’s funny little fingers.

We design complete solutions which can save you time, money and protect your children better, in the long run. Our experience helps you reduce the chance of accidents to your children by identifying potential hazards you might have never known existed. It’s helpful for parents to experience the environment as their baby will. Parents should crawl on the floor in the area their baby will be, look for objects that could be potentially dangerous for baby, and remove them.

Baby Proofing In Atlanta

In General Business Management and Marketing from University of Maryland and an M.S. In Business Administration and Marketing from University of Maryland University College. Michelle and her husband, David, have two fun-loving boys, Nate and Neal. Bobby is a creative problem-solver and has a genuine enthusiasm for helping others. His construction background and carpentry expertise enable him to lead our team in developing custom safety solutions for parents and caregivers. He’s an inventor at heart and an overall “fix it” guy.

Baby Equipment

Equip your kitchen faucet with an anti-scalding device or set your water heater to 120 degrees or lower. Store glassware and china up high, out of your child’s reach. It’s best to buy brand-new safety gates that display a seal from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association . Make sure any storage chests have air holes in case your child gets trapped inside and a spring-loaded hinge to prevent the lid from slamming shut on your child’s hand. Place floor lamps behind other furniture so that your child can’t pull them over.

You have to think like a ninja toddler—there are a lot of things in your drawers that can be dangerous. From pinched fingers to sharp knives, there’s a whole bunch of ways your little ninja can hurt themselves, and trust me—if there’s a way to hurt themselves, they’ll find a way to do it. The installation fee is worked out on 30% of the product total, however we have a minimum installation fee of R 1500. Following the consultation, I will supply you with a detailed estimate of what it will cost to Baby Proof your home, including the installation of products. This is the witty, heartfelt story about what happens to the perfect couple when they suddenly want different things.

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