Former head of the Russian crypto exchange Wex arrested in Poland

Former head of the Russian crypto exchange Wex arrested in Poland

The head of the defunct Wex cryptocurrency exchange Dmitry Vasiliev was detained in Warsaw, according to the Polish newspaper Wyborcza.

„The ex-head of the Wex cryptocurrency exchange Dmitry Vasiliev, from whose accounts $ 450 million was lost, is sitting in the Warsaw SIZO,“ the newspaper writes.

The detention took place on August 11, but it became known about this only now. According to Wyborcza, Wex management is responsible for the disappearance of money from investors in the European Union, including Poland. The Warsaw District Court has extended Vasiliev’s arrest several times – the last time until September 21, the publication says.

At the same time, Poland itself has no complaints against Vasiliev, however, through Interpol, Kazakhstan is looking for him, where a criminal case of fraud has been initiated against him. Two years ago he was already arrested in Italy, but then he managed to return to Russia. The issue of extradition of the detainee to Kazakhstan is currently being considered.
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Vasiliev was in charge of servicing trading on the BTC-e exchange, which closed in mid-2017 after the arrest in Greece of one of the alleged administrators of the site, Russian Alexander Vinnik. Soon the exchange was restarted under the name Wex, and Vasiliev became its director and was listed as the sole owner of the World Exchange Services legal entity registered in Singapore.

In the summer of 2018, Wex stopped processing customer withdrawal requests, and by the end of the year it was completely closed. After the closure of Wex, Vasiliev tried to engage in other crypto projects and, according to media reports, recently lived in St. Petersburg.

According to the investigation, in September 2018, he misled a resident of Almaty with the help of a crypto exchange and stole 20 thousand dollars. After being arrested in Italy in the summer of 2019, he was released a few weeks later, reportedly due to errors in his extradition request. Now Kazakhstan is seeking the extradition of the detainee for the second time.

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