A Place of Executions of Roma on Rakovačka Street

Локација: Раковачка улица


In Rakovačka Street on Telep, on the third day of the raid, citizens of Novi Sad who were of Roma ethnicity were shot. The exact number of victims was never precisely determined, but based on the information that is available, it is known that the gendarmerie shot the citizens on several locations in the street, while one group was put into a truck and taken towards the Danube, or more precisely to the execution spot on Štrand.



This location is rarely mentioned as a place of executions in scholarly and other publications that deal with the topic of the raid. In that sense Rakovačka Street, as a place where citizens of Novi Sad of Roma ethnicity were killed, apart from representing a place of remembrance and executions with an ethnic characteristic, also represents a specific indication that hints towards a large number of Novi Sad Raid victims which died on different (known and unknown) locations which were never identified, or in other words, places that we almost know nothing about.

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