A Place of Execution in Rumenačka Street

Локација: Руменачка улица


On the third day of the raid, in a family house in Rumenačka Street, five brothers ages from fifteen to twenty eight were killed in front of their mother. According to her testimony, Hungarian gendarmerie troops entered their house and after one of the troops asked them what faith they were, one of the sons answered that they were Orthodox, after which all five of the brothers were taken to the backyard and were quickly shot. They didn’t permit the mother to take their bodies but rather they transported the bodies towards the Danube by a military truck later that same afternoon, after which their bodies were thrown under the ice into the river just like with the other victims. The entire shocking event was described in detail by the mother as part of an investigation and the process of creating the criminal register in December 1944.



Apart from this, other murders of innocent civilians took place in Rumenačka Street, whereby most of them were killed in their houses while some were chased out by Hungarian soldiers and gendarmerie, in the early morning hours, in front of their homes where they were killed. This location was also recorded as having instances of looting and stealing of jewelry from dead bodies. Based on information from records, the soldiers and gendarmerie would often cut off fingers or rip earing out from the ears of the corpses when taking the rings and jewelry.

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