A Place of Executions on Temerin Street and the Surrounding Streets

Локација:  Темеринска и околне улице
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On the 13th and the 15th of April, on several locations on Temerin street, as well as the surrounding streets, a number of civilian executions took place. According to eyewitness testimony that was compiled during the investigations, that took place after the liberation, the corpses of people who were shot were left in several places on the Temerin street while some of the citizens were hanged at the crossroads. According to the testimonies of citizens who were present when the executions took place or who faced some form of torture by the occupational forces, more than 200 corpses of men, women and children were left all across Temerin street. Several houses in Gundulić street were burned down, while the citizens who tried to stop the fire were shot. According to eyewitnesses testimony, members of the Hungarian troops first shot in the air and then proceeded to open fire on the houses from their machine guns. Then they entered into the houses and searched the attics under the accusation that ''Chetniks'' were hiding there, and a few times they threw bombs on the houses. The whole thing was orchestrated in order to justify terror over the civilian population.


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