A Place of Execution at the Barracks Building at Vojvoda Bojović Street

Локација: Некадашња Касарна краљ Петар I у Улици војводе Бојовића

[ngg src=“galleries“ ids=“53″ display=“basic_imagebrowser“]У комплексу некадашње Касарне краљ Петар I која је лоцирана у Улици војводе Бојовића, 23. јануара  the third day of the raid, Hungarian soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers, who were members of the XVI Battalion border hunters, shot a few dozen civilians. The largest number of victims which lived in the surrounding streets were of Serbian nationality, while several Jews were also killed. According to eyewitness testimony, among the victims were also women and children. The soldiers, who were carrying out the execution around the barracks, cut off the fingers of some of the bodies in order to take their jewelry more easily. Later on the bodies of those executed were taken by truck to the Danube where they were thrown into the river.

Likewise, on this location an execution of civilians took place during April 1941, as well as the hanging of several members of the NLM (National Liberation Movement) on the 15th of October the same year.


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