Places of Mass Executions in Miletić, Grčkoškolska and Other Streets

Локација: Милетићева, ћошак Милетићеве и Грчкошколске улице, ћошак Милетићеве и Трифковићевог трга

[ngg src=“galleries“ ids=“11″ display=“basic_imagebrowser“]Масовна погубљења цивилног становништва која су се трећег дана рације, 23. јануара, спроводила дуж Милетићеве улице, као и на ћошку ове улице са Трифковићевим тргом и Грчкошколском, најрепрезентативније осликавају бруталност и монструозни карактер изведене акције.

The majority of those executed were residents of Miletić Street and the surrounding streets. They were tenaciously and falsely accused of resisting the armed forces. On top of that, the majority of the victims that were shot were legitimized (registered) the previous two days, seeing as how this part of town was checked. In that sense, an additional search was done solely for the purpose of killing the citizens that were mostly of Serbian or Jewish nationality, as well as the looting of their property which was widespread. According to the available data, the victims were shot in such a way that they first had to kneel or lie on the snow after which they were shot from behind. According to reports by eyewitnesses of the event, which were gathered during a later investigation, so much people were killed on this location that the street was practically blocked of by bodies of the victims. One of the witnesses of the event noted that on Trifković Square there were several ''piles of corpses'' which was, in some parts, as high as one and a half meter. Even though the precise number of citizens shot on these locations was never precisely determined, based on testimonies by eyewitnesses who were present at the event, it is estimated that at least 120 people were killed during the afternoon, among whom were many women and children as well as elder people.



The report, which was based on the testimonies of the witnesses, hint to many individual cases of the execution that reflect the tragic characteristics of the event. In that sense, we can mention an example of a mother that was shot with her two children, whereby one was only a few years old whose hand she was holding, while in her other arm she held her baby that was only a few months old. Witnesses of the event report that, during the shooting which lasted several hours, you could hear cries, sobbing and calls for help along the entire Miletić Street.



After the execution, the victims were often searched by soldiers whereby valuables and money was taken from their pockets, and there were cases where victims had their clothes taken off. The corpses of the victims were driven away by military trucks to the Danube where they were thrown into the river in openings on the ice made beforehand.

Author: Kristijan Obšust

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