Спомен-крст у порти Успенске цркве

Локација: порта Храма Успења Пресвете Богородице

A memorial in the form of a metal cross on a pedestal with steps, dedicated to the victims of the First World War, is located at the churchyard of the Uspenska Church, between the church (temple) and the Serbian National Theatre. The cross was placed there after the Second World War, which means it faced the same fate as the memorial that is now located at the churchyard of the Almaška Church. The cross was originally located between the Kraljevića Marka Street and Kisač Street, in front of the former Konjička Barracks (Cavalry Barracks). The location where the memorial was located actually represented the outskirts of the town, or more specifically, the cross was located at the outskirts of the Vladičansko naselje (Bishop's Quarter) and a clearing called Majur. Texts are engraved on all four sides of the pedestal, where the cross is placed, whereby on three sides of the tablet there are quotes from the Bible, while at the central tablet there is an engraved text that notes the purpose of the memorial.



Seeing as how it‘s located near the center of the city, the cross represents a key place for commemoration that is related to the First World War in Novi Sad. In other words, on the 9th of November – Day of Novi Sad, representatives of the city put flowers on this memorial as a sign of remembrance of the victims and victories in the First World War, or rather as a sign of remembrance of the day when the Serbian Army, lead by Major Vojislav Bugarski, entered Novi Sad. This kind of commemoration has especially been given some attention in the last two years.

Author: Kristijan Obšust

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